Faema Enova A2 Manual Transmission

Faema enova a2 manual transmission

He's asked me to tune the machine and grinder for him, but he has no manuals. Can anyone our there give me a run down on how to enter the volumetric programming mode and adjust the pour volume on this machine?

Drip: Aroma Roaster: So many good ones! Did you ever find out how to get the Due in program mode? Once this is on, you then push the button for the volumetric dose you want to adjust which will click the machine into brew mode.

Once the desired volume has been reached, click the same button again and then go on to the next button.

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On the E98, you can also adjust the volume from the hot water tap this way. As I say, I'm not familiar with the Due's programming, though I guess it might be the same as the E Good luck!

Faema enova a2 manual transmission

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Faema enova a2 manual transmission

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Faema enova a2 manual transmission

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Faema enova a2 manual transmission

Breville SmartGrinder Pro. Not Logged in: log in. A friend has a Faema Due 2 group automatic which is pouring too long.

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Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Mark. I'm in the same boat. Thanks much, Mike. Yann :.

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