Eds 510a 3gt Manual Muscle

Eds 510a 3gt manual muscle

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Moxa Technologies EDS-510A, Moxa EtherDevice Switch User Manual

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Package Checklist Industrial Networking Capability Designed for Industrial Applications Useful Utility and Remote Configuration Recommended Software and Accessories Getting Started Configuration using a Telnet Console Configuration using a Web Browser Disabling Telnet and Browser Access Featured Functions Configuring Basic Settings System Identification Accessible IP Factory Default Using Port Trunking The Port Trunking Concept Configuring Port Trunking Configuring SNMP Trap Settings Private MIB information Using Communication Redundancy The Turbo Ring Concept Configuring Turbo Ring Using Traffic Prioritization The Traffic Prioritization Concept Configuring Traffic Prioritization Using Virtual LAN Configuring Virtual LAN Using Multicast Filtering The Concept of Multicast Filtering Configuring GMRP GMRP Table Using Bandwidth Management Traffic Rate Limiting Settings Using Port Access Control Configuring Static Port Lock Configuring IEEE Using Auto Warning Configuring Email Warning Event Type Email Setup Configuring Relay Warning Event Setup Warning List Using Line-Swap-Fast-Recovery Configuring Line-Swap Fast Recovery Using Set Device IP Configuring Set Device IP Using Diagnosis Mirror Port Using Monitor Monitor by Switch Monitor by Port Using Event Log Using Syslog Starting EDS Configurator Broadcast Search Search by IP address Upgrade Firmware Modify IP Address Export Configuration Import Configuration Unlock Server MIB Groups Service Information Moxa Internet Services Problem Report Form Product Return Procedure In fact, a whole new industry has sprung up to provide Ethernet products that comply with the requirements of demanding industrial applications.

Two of the ports can be used for building a redundant Gigabit ring called Gigabit Turbo Ring, which gives system maintainers a convenient means of setting up a versatile yet stable Gigabit Ethernet network.

Eds 510a 3gt manual muscle

With Gigabit Turbo Ring, if any segment of the network gets disconnected, your automation system will be back to normal in under ms. The third Gigabit Ethernet port can be a uplink port, which can give Mbps link capability for transmitting all of the data to the control center.

Eds 510a 3gt manual muscle

The EDSA is shipped with the following items. If any of these items are missing or damaged, please contact your customer service representative for assistance.

Eds 510a 3gt manual muscle

This chapter explains how to access the EDSA for the first time. There are three ways to access the switch: serial console, Telnet console, and web browser. You can connect to the EDSA simultaneously by web browser and serial console, or by web browser and Telnet.


However, we strongly suggest that you do NOT use more than one connection method at the same time. Following this advice will allow you to maintain better control over the configuration of your EDSA. Select Open under Port Manager to open a new connection. The Communication Parameter page of the Property window opens.

Click OK to continue. The Console login screen will appear. Press Enter to open the Account pop-up selector and then select either admin or user.

Eds 510a 3gt manual muscle

After entering the Main Menu , use the following keys to move the cursor, and to select options. You can use.

Eds 510a 3gt manual muscle

Press Enter to establish the connection. The web login page will open.

Getting Started

Select the login account Admin or User and enter the Password this is the same as the Console password , and then click Login to continue. Leave the Password field blank if a password has not been set. You may need to wait a few moments for the web page to be downloaded to your computer.

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There are three ways to access these functions: RS console, Telnet console, and web browser.