Edit Pdf Page Orientation Meaning

Edit pdf page orientation meaning

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Is it possible to change the webpage orientation? I have a webpage, I want its orientation to be changed from portrait to landscape, specifically in the case of an iPad. You can not force an orientation, but you can detect the orientation and fake it by rotating the page if the orientation is portrait:.

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This media query will rotate the body element 90 degrees if the portrait orientation is used, so as to make it look like it's in landscape, and when the user flips the iPad 90 degrees it will go into the native landscape mode. Take a look at the CSS definition of a media query. Maybe this can inspire you. Learn more.

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Is it possible to change the orientation of the webpage explicitly? Asked 6 years, 4 months ago.

Edit pdf page orientation meaning

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Wouldn't that just annoy everyone using the page if they had to flip their device? I mean, this is an interesting question, but from a user perspective, wouldn't that just piss folks off?

Edit pdf page orientation meaning

I need to have it as landscape Alien, thanks.. I have an opinion.

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If you are successful enough in finding a solution for this, believe me, when you open your website on an iPad, you would be the first person to be annoyed to such an extent, that you would wish to either let others get annoyed or remove that code, as iPad will change orientation if it is not locked and your code will also make that to rotate, so ipad will do just portrait and landscape and with your code, even safari will do portrait and landscape and the users will just "nod thier head" all the time.

It would be seriously funny. Tsk tsk tsk, link only answers drown kittens and stomp on puppies.

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While a link is good, you should really post the meat of the story in your answer. What it does is simply changes the image or content in each case, what the question is to explicitly change the mode while viewing the website.

Edit pdf page orientation meaning

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Edit pdf page orientation meaning

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Edit pdf page orientation meaning

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