Dziedzictwo Planets Lorien Pdf To Word

Dziedzictwo planets lorien pdf to word

Dziedzictwo planets lorien pdf to word

Lorien Legacies is a series of young adult science fiction books, written by James Frey , [1] Jobie Hughes, and formerly, Greg Boose, under the collective pseudonym Pittacus Lore. Another alien race, the Mogadorians, wiped out the majority of the Loric, except for those who escaped to Earth. Now the Mogadorians have come to finish the job. Numbers one, two, and three have already been killed, causing three circular brands to appear on the ankles of the remaining Loric.

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The book is told from the perspective of Number Four, also known as John Smith. John is the next target for the Mogadorians, who must kill the Loric in the order of their numbers.


John begins inheriting Legacies, the ancestral right of special Loric known as Garde, and must learn to keep his powers hidden from his human friends. John befriends a human named Sam Goode, whose father happened to have helped the Loriens when they first arrived then later mysteriously disappeared.

John goes home to find the website and sees a few pictures of him disappear with a deleted status. John and Sarah soon begin dating and forming a very close bond. Later on, John and Sarah return to their high school to discover that the Mogs have found them.

John is trying to get Sarah and himself out of harm's way when Number Six appears out of nowhere and kills two Mogs in a matter of seconds. Together they work their way through the school, killing the Mog commander sent after John.

However, Henri dies in the process, informing John of a secret letter explaining everything about their mission.

The school is half destroyed, attracting social media and police officers. While John, Six and Sam try to stay ahead of the Mogadorians while searching for the other surviving Loric, Marina searches for news of John after his heroic battle at the school that came at the end of I Am Number Four.

This increased risk moves her priority of finding Four to the top of the list. A 7-year-old girl named Ella moves to the orphanage and Marina befriends her, asking her to help find her Chest. Ella soon finds the hidden Chest, and she and Marina retrieve it after a scuffle with four girls from the convent.

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During this fight Ella breaks her arm, and Marina discovers her healing legacy. Later, Marina drugs Adelina and finally gets her Chest open. After being pursued by the police one night, John finally decides to open his Chest, which contains the letter Henri gave him. Once everybody takes a look at the contents, they discover the items leave them clueless. However, one object notified the Mogadorians of their location, and provoked an attack on the house, where they narrowly escape.

Later, John reads Henri's letter and finds out the Mogadorians have captured Sam's father. Sam remembers his father telling him of a secret Lorien base in his backyard, and they set off to find it. Upon finding it, they are intercepted by Mogadorians, and the party splits up: Six and BK stay and fight, while John and Sam search the base. Once receiving the base's contents, John and Sam flee, ending up very close to Sarah's house. They suspect Sarah had notified the FBI before they met up.

As Mogadorians catch up to John and Sam in prison, Six helps them escape, though she is very angry they left her during the battle in Paradise.

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After escaping, she shows them an image on the internet where someone has burned loric symbols onto a mountain in Spain.

Soon they decide on a plan: Six will go to Spain to help the newly discovered Marina Number seven , and Sam, BK, and John will go to the Mogadorian's base in a hollowed-out mountain near West Virginia to retrieve John's chest.

As soon as Marina opens her chest, the Mogadorians are notified and catch up with Marina and Adelina as they try to escape the convent. During the chaos, Adelina is murdered while trying to help Marina. Marina, after being saved by Crayton and Ella, learns that Ella is the tenth member of the Garde.

She escaped on a second ship, and has disguised herself by age-shifting. As they battle the Mogadorians at the lake, Six arrives at the scene and helps them win the battle. Meanwhile, Sam and John use a stone from John's chest to transfer Six's invisibility to them and sneak into the Mogadorian mountain base.

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They grab both John's Chest and another, which turns out to be that of Nine, who is imprisoned in the mountain. They run out of invisibility, but manage to free Nine and escape the mountain with everyone but Sam, who was caught and had to be left behind.

Nine, John, and BK head north, with nowhere to go since the address for meeting Six was in Sam's pocket. John and Nine escape from the Mogadorian base and head to Chicago, where Nine's penthouse is located.

A battle commences between the Garde and the Mogadorians. Crayton dies and Eight teleports himself and the girls away from the Loric cave.

However, Six ends up separated from the others, landing at a military base in New Mexico.

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From there, the military finds her and drugs her. She discovers that the government is working with the Mogadorians. Nine and Four arrive at the penthouse and attempt to contact the other Garde, where they meet up with Number Eight and Setrakus Ra in a dream. Four proclaims to be Pittacus Lore, angering Nine. Nine insists on returning to Paradise, but eventually the two decide to rush to the aid of the other Garde in New Mexico, after learning of Setrakus Ra's location.

Upon entering the base, they find Sarah and rush to aid Six in battle.

The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies Book 3) Pdf

Setrakus Ra takes the form of Six, tricking the Garde and stabbing Eight. A battle ensues while Seven heals Eight, making the Garde believe a Loric prophecy foretelling of Eight's death has been broken. Four develops a healing legacy in battle, allowing him to heal a burned Sarah and Ella after being shot by a Mogadorian blaster.

Ella develops a new Legacy that gives her the ability to block the Legacies of other Garde. Setrakus Ra, who has the same Legacy, uses his to block the powers of the other Garde.

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Ella, in turn, uses her Legacy to block his; as a result, the other Garde regain their Legacies. The novel opens with Sam's imprisonment in New Mexico by the Mogadorians.

Dziedzictwo planets lorien pdf to word

Sam is being held incommunicado except for Mogadorian guards and fed a daily diet of stale cheese sandwiches and dirty water.

Through a flashback, we learn that Sam was transported to New Mexico by human co-conspirators of the Mogadorians shortly after the battle in West Virginia. Sam, unfortunately, does not know much, as he was the only one who had Six's plan post-West Virginia in a letter that was seized by the Mogs.

After the flashback, the base is attacked by the Garde, as related at the end of the third book. However, it is not the Garde that discover Sam, but surprisingly his long-missing father. In a further twist, we discover that Malcolm Goode is accompanied by Adam, a good Mog teenager with Legacies. Adam is able to cause localized earthquakes, an effect he uses to break the back of Sam's cell, allowing Malcolm and Sam to escape.

Apparently, Malcolm and Adam, having learned where Sam was being kept, decided to attack at the same time as the Garde. Adam stays behind to cover their exit.

Sam and Malcolm sneak out during the chaos unnoticed by both the Mogs and the Garde. Initially aimless while healing, John is struggling to determine what next step to take. Ten Ella has been having nightmares, similar to the nightmares shared by John and Nine prior to going to New Mexico.

John discusses the dreams with Ella. He attempts to get her to practice, but she resists, declaring it "wrong. She tells John she knows of no letter and the conversation ends. After a short detour for Sarah and Six to have target practice, it is then discovered that the Loric symbol for "five" has been burned into crops in Florida.

Five next leaves a message on the Internet, in spite of the fact that the Mogadorians regularly monitor it. After much discussion and fearful for the safety of the missing member of the Garde, John, Six, Sarah and BK leave for Arkansas to meet with Five before the Mogadorians arrive.

Marina Seven takes over narration duties after the away team departs. Scolded by Nine on their return, they agree to train with him and thereby sharpen their skills. It reveals that unlike the other Loric, she is not to become one of the Elders.

Instead, her father comes from the family that once held the position of the tenth elder, but had since had it taken away.

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Her escape from Lorien was a fluke, a byproduct of her father's fascination with artifacts. He stayed with her mother, who was a Garde, to defend the planet, and fell with it. Ella's initial shock at this revelation makes her feel a fraud, but the other Garde reassure her and she decides to stay.

Dziedzictwo planets lorien pdf to word

John takes over narration as the away team is driving to retrieve Five. On the way, John and Six resolve their tension over the kiss they shared in book two. After this, they go on to meet Five, who is waiting to meet them.

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On arrival, they discover Five is ignorant of the danger he created with the crop circle and the Internet message. Five wishes he could meet all of the Garde together and his mind is "officially blown" when he meets Sarah, their human ally.

Just then they are attacked by the Mogadorians, who arrive in a cloaked ship. Five does not participate in the battle, and appears shell-shocked at what he says is his first time to see Mogadorians. Five demonstrates his Legacy, Externa, that allows him to take on the properties of things he touches. Six uses her weather powers to cause the ship to crash, and Sarah, Four and Six mop up the Mogadorians. Just as they think they have won, a new monster—much larger than the piken—appears, chasing Six.


It is a centipede the size of a tanker truck, covered in a cracked and leathery skin with hundreds of tin arms. John remembers creatures like this caged in West Virginia. Five then demonstrates his power of flight, and John climbs on his back above the monster and uses his lumen-powered fireballs to attack the creature. John falls off of Five and lands in front of the creature. Just as he is about to be eaten, a red dot appears on the creatures massive single eye and then a rifle shot blows that orb apart in a grisly fashion.

Dziedzictwo planets lorien pdf to word

John kills the creature and turns to discover he has been rescued by Malcolm, with Sam in tow.