Dots Map By Internavi Manual

Dots map by internavi manual

Dots map by internavi manual

The map displays ,, dots, one for each person residing in the United States at the location they were counted during the Census. The map is presented in both black and white and full color versions.

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In the color version, each dot is color-coded by race. Congressional Dot Map with election results.

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Each of the million dots are smaller than a pixel on your computer screen at most zoom levels. The dots themselves are only resolvable at the city and neighborhood zoom levels. Since dots are smaller than one pixel at most zoom levels, colors are assigned to a pixel depending on the number of colored dots within that pixel.

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For example, if a pixel contains a number of White blue dots and Asian red dots residents, the pixel will be colored a particular shade of purple according to the proportion of each within that pixel. Toggling between color-coded and non-color-coded map views in lightly populated areas provides more contrast to see differences in population density.

Take North and South Dakota as illustrative examples:. The locations of the dots do not represent actual addresses.

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The most detailed geographic identifier in Census Bureau data is the census block. Individual dots are randomly located within a particular census block to match aggregate population totals for that block. As a result, dots in some census blocks may be located in the middle of parks, cemeteries, lakes, or other clearly non-residential areas within that census block.

Dots map by internavi manual

No greater geographic resolution for the Census data is publicly available and for good reason. All of the data displayed on the map are from the U.

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Census Bureau. Five racial categories were created based on the data in table P5: non-Hispanic White, non-Hispanic Black, non-Hispanic Asian, Hispanic or Latino, and a category for all other racial categories including the multiracial identifications. The sum of all five categories equals the total population.

One Dot Per Person for the Entire United States

Python was used to read the 50 state and District of Columbia shapefiles with the merged SF1 data. The code retrieves the population data for each census block, creates the appropriate number of geographic points randomly distributed within each census block, and outputs the point information to a database file. The resulting file has x-y coordinates for each point, a quadkey reference to the Google Maps tile system, and a categorical variable for race.

Dots map by internavi manual

The final database file has ,, observations and is about 21 GB in size. The processing time was about five hours for the entire nation.

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At A Glance. The Dots Each of the million dots are smaller than a pixel on your computer screen at most zoom levels. Each dot on the map is also color-coded by race and ethnicity.

Whites are coded as blue; African-Americans, green; Asians, red; Hispanics, orange; and all other racial categories are coded as brown.