Distance Displacement Speed Velocity Acceleration Pdf995

Distance displacement speed velocity acceleration pdf995

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Kinematics 2: Distance, Displacement, Speed and Velocity

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Distance displacement speed velocity acceleration pdf995

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History of Harley-Davidson.

Distance displacement speed velocity acceleration pdf995

The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle was not made by accident. In , a year-old man by the name of William S.

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Harley created a design for a one-cylinder motorcycle. A year later in , he partnered up with year-old Arthur Davidson to assemble the first Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. Harley-Davidson's first real transaction came courtesy of Henry Meyer, a friend of Harley and Davidson from school. He bought one of the racing motorcycles they two had built. This sparked the beginning of over a hundred years of striving business. They had no idea that some years later, the business they started would be worth millions of dollars, with thousands of employees, and millions of riders.

The first Harley-Davidson motorcycles were built in a 10 by 15 foot wooden shack. It had "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" carved into the wooden door. Later in , Arthur's brother Walter joined the two founders in the new business. This turned out to be a good decision for all three young men.

Towards the end of , the first Harley-Davidson dealer opened in Chicago, Illinois and made its first sale. The first Harley-Davidson was made with the intention of being a racing machine.

It was powered with a one-cylinder combustion engine. The first year of selling motorcycles, Harley-Davidson produced eleven which sold rather quickly.

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In , a Harley-Davidson motorcycle wins a race, and the first real full-time employee joins the company. Toward the end of the decade in , Harley-Davidson introduced their first V-twin powered motorcycle. It had 7 horsepower, and became wildly popular. In , the infamous "Bar and Shield" logo that makes Harley-Davidsons famous was created. Even today, every Harley bears the logo that has made them famous.

Distance displacement speed velocity acceleration pdf995

The F-Head engine was introduced in and would become the engine of choice for Harley-Davidson until The year brought more expansion with the building of a six-story factory. The famous sidecars for Harleys are made available in Military to aid in the war. Nearly one third of all motorcycles produced in were sent over to the war.

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Over 20, motorcycles were used by the military by the end of World War I. A year later, the motorcycles sent to the military goes up to almost half of all those produced that year. Almost all of them were produced by Harley-Davidson Motor Company. The growth of Harley-Davidson Motor Company was not mistake.

Distance displacement speed velocity acceleration pdf995

By , Harley-Davidson was the most popular motorcycle producer in the world. They had just about separate dealers in 67 different countries. Leslie Parkhurst used a Harley-Davidson to break 23 different speed records in that year as well.

In , the gas tanks that are seen on Harley-Davidson motorcycles today are created. The teardrop shape gas tanks quickly take off, and all Harleys after that follow suit. Also that year Joe Petrali started racing for Harley-Davidson.

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He would become one of the best Harley dirt-track racers of all time. Harley-Davidson decides to bring back single cylinder engines for the first time since Side and Overhead valve configurations are offered by the company.

The first time dual cam engines are offered to the public was in They were available in the JD series of motorcycles. This bike was capable of reaching speeds from 85 all the way to miles per hour.

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The definition of reliability came in with the release of the 45 cubic inch V-twin engine. Also known as the flat head, it was so reliable that it was even available all the way up to the year This is a big accomplishment for the company started in a 10 by 15 foot shack. The world of racing rang in when Bill Davidson, Jr. He had a nearly perfect score of out of 1, possible points.

Distance Displacement Speed And Velocity

It turns out that every winner of that race is using a Harley-Davidson Motor Company motorcycle. All competition for Harley is gone in America, with the exception of Indian. Indian and Harley-Davidson are the only two motorcycle producers all the way through In the popular 45 cubic inch three-wheeled Servi Car begins a reign as a police car for 41 years.

It was used all the way up to year When the depression hit, Harley-Davidson had to do something to keep sales going. They decided to start putting an "eagle" graphic on all the gas tanks of all motorcycles. This was the first time that graphics are put on the motorcycles, other then special order graphics that had been ordered by different customers. This started the trend that still stands today of putting graphics on Harley-Davidsons.

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The "eagle" would represent the company's ability to fight the struggles of the depression. It was hard, the Harley continued to grow. Harley-Davidson even aided its own competition in when they licensed all their machinery, blueprints, and tools to an Asian company, Sankyo.

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This sparked a new motorcycle industry in Japan called Rikuo. Joe Petrali continues his reign as the greatest on the dirt track by winning all thirteen of the American races. He also breaks four of the American Motorcycle Professional Association's records in the process.

Distance displacement speed velocity acceleration pdf995

This is done with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Later on that same year, Harley-Davidson offered a 60 cubic inch machine. Harley-Davidson was making bigger engine motorcycles, and supplying more horsepower in the process. The first WL models are offered in The excellence continues for Joe Petrali when he breaks the land speed record at mph on a Harley-Davidson 61 cubic-inch overhead engine motorcycle.

Much more than documents.

World War II begins for America in This meant that motorcycle production almost went totally to military motorcycles. Civilian motorcycles stopped being made because of the high need for war vehicles. This also meant that all Harley-Davidson service shops would turn into places for military mechanics to learn the ins and outs of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The XA model begins production. It is made for the purpose of being a desert machine, but the deal is cancelled when U.

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Only a little over a thousand of these XA's were made. In , Harley-Davidson receives an excellence award from the Army and Navy for its wartime production.

They would later receive three more of these awards. The military personnel begin to like the Harley-Davidsons over seas, and this would show when they returned back home. By , World War II is over. And Harley-Davidson has supplied our military with over 90, land vehicles. This accounts for much of the U.