Delta 17 924 Mortising Attachment Manual

Delta 17 924 mortising attachment manual

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Thread: Delta Mortising Attachment Delta Mortising Attachment Does anyone on this forum know if the aforementioned mortising attachment is "dedicated" to Delta drill presses, or will it fit any drill press with a specific quill diameter?

I looked at the manual for the attachment and it only references certain Delta drill presses. Thanks, Butch. Reply With Quote.

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Missouri Posts 1, The attachment probably comes with several bushing shims so it will fit a variety of drill presses, both Delta and other brands.

I happen to have a Delta model that it doesn't fit. The quill does need to extend down an inch or more for the bit holder to clamp on properly.

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I'd measure my quill first to be sure. Says it fits 66mm, These mortisers have plastic adapter rings which come in various sizes to adapt the unit to your drill press. My drill press met the specification but I thought the fit was too sloppy.

Delta 17 924 mortising attachment manual

I sanded down the exterior of the next larger size to get a really snug fit onto the quill. I guess what I'm saying is that if you're between sizes, it's not too hard to creatively problem solve. Thanks for the input, Guys John - Firstly, my old drill press is a Guardian Power model - definitely not for show, but it works well. Not that this is an issue, just curious David - Do you think I'm close enough to the I think I could take some off the inside with a spindle sander or whatever works Yes, it looks like you could slide the stop up a bit while using the mortising attachment.

Delta 17 924 mortising attachment manual

My quill extends below the stop ring, but its an "odd" size. I agree with Dave, the 48mm should work. You may want to read up on user reviews for the model you are considering.

There is more than one style of fence, and some people comment complain about setup and adjustment. Also, some of the low priced kits don't include the bits.

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Oh, one last thing; If you happen to have an XY vice, you will have much better luck with hollow chisel mortisers in general. One major annoyance is a cheesy hold down. Instead of the chisel sliding out after the cut, it pulls the workpiece up with it.

An XY vice solves that and allows you to advance the cut easily.

1/2-HP Mortiser

I picked one up cheaply at Harbor Freight a few years ago. It lives on my drill press. It can rotate back and forth many degrees since it doesn't matter when drilling a round hole.

A square hole is different.

Delta 17-924 Mortising Attachment.....Will it fit???

Compare a drill press construction to a mortiser construction. Look at the small teeth on the rack and pinion and the short lever arm on a drill press.

Drill Press Mortising

Compare this to a mortiser and you'll see the differences. I once owned one of those Delta drill press attachments, gave it to someone I didn't like and purchased a General International mortiser to replace it.

Delta 17-924 Type 1 Mortising Attachment Parts

Tremendous improvement Regards, Rod. Originally Posted by Rod Sheridan.

Delta 17 924 mortising attachment manual

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Delta 17 924 mortising attachment manual

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