De Sphaera Mundi Pdf Files

De sphaera mundi pdf files

It was illuminated by a refined artist of the Lombard school thought to be Cristoforo de Predis for the Milan court and reached the Estense in Ferrara via the frequent artistic and cultural exchanges between them and the Sforza.

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The manuscript contains 16 folios decorated with 15 full-page miniatures and 9 astronomical drawings. It sums up, with an unparalleled elegance, the astrological knowledge of its time and testifies the renewed authority, the reputation enjoyed by faith in the stars — a fashion and a culture at the same time — in the most powerful and refined courts.

The De Sphaera adds its personal, superlative touch — with the splendour of its illuminated pages and the rhyming verses of its horoscopes — to a field, that of planet and zodiac iconography, which was already successful.

Although the Church strongly condemned astrological speculation, books such as this were extremely popular in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Independent researcher, philosopher, collaborator.

The Most Beautiful Astrological Manuscript of the Italian Renaissance

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De sphaera mundi pdf files

Post Views: 2, Tags: Astrology Ebooks Renaissance Art. Phil Harris Independent researcher, philosopher, collaborator.

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Sphaera mundi

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De sphaera mundi pdf files

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De sphaera mundi pdf files

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De sphaera mundi pdf files

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De sphaera mundi pdf files