Collection Example In Java Pdf To Html

Collection example in java pdf to html

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Not like extracting just text separately or just images separately, requirement is to display contents of PDF file as like original file-means including images and tables right at place where it was in original file as HTML content.

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Extracting data from a PDF file is fairly simple. There are multiple libraries out there that do it correctly. Extracting data, and preserving its layout, on the other hand the workflow the OP describes is a very difficult process.

Collection example in java pdf to html

When a PDF file, for example, displays a table, it's very easy for humans to see it, and understand this is indeed a table with some data in it. However, in the PDF file itself, this is a collection of vector lines, and some text runs in between.

Therefore when this data is converted to HTML, we don't know that we need to draw a table, but instead see this as vector art.

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This is just one example of why this is difficult. There are many others that can be used to illustrate this point.

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On the other hand, such a thing exists as "Tagged PDF" section It's a PDF where structure elements are actually defined, and extraction is fairly easy. However tagged PDF files are not as common as we would like, and in most cases you won't be guaranteed to work with one.

Collection example in java pdf to html

There are some tools on the market that use sophisticated logic to infer the structure of an untagged document. Some of them do a better job than others at this.

Collection example in java pdf to html

Both of them are commercial solutions. However, it doesn't have the ability to create an HTML file, and this is something that will have to be implemented outside of the library.

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Collection example in java pdf to html

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Collection example in java pdf to html

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