Camera Key Dvr S818 Manual

Camera key dvr s818 manual

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This device is made for covert surveillance as it even features a faux pop-out key to solidify the illusion. But underneath that key you will find the USB port used for recharging and transferring footage as well as the microSD card slot. The resolution of the still pictures is x The DVRS has several different recording options that include: regular recording of sight and sound with the push of a button, still-picture camera or motion detector.

The motion detection feature allows you to record only when motion is detected and something is happening- saving your device battery life and memory.

To view your footage you would just connect the remote to the USB port on your computer and you are ready to see the video with Windows Media Player or view your pictures using your favorite JPG software.

Be sure the TF card is inserted.

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The red light will come on and the blue light will come on. When the blue light goes out and the red light stays on, the unit is on and in standby mode. NOTE: if the unit is not used after about 3 minutes, it will turn itself off. Press and hold K2 until the red and blue lights flash 3 times together and go out.

Camera key dvr s818 manual

The unit will save files and turn off. Taking Pictures From standby mode, press and release K3.

Camera key dvr s818 manual

The red light will go out and come back on, indicating that a photo was taken. Each time K3 is pressed, a photo will be taken. Recording Video From standby mode, press and hold K3 until the red light flashes 6 times and goes out. This means the unit is now recording video. To stop recording, press K2.

The video will be saved and the red light will come on and stay on, indicating the unit is now in standby mode again. After the lights flash 6 times and go out, the unit is in motion-detection mode. When motion is detected, the blue indicator light will flash once and the camera will begin recording.

To stop recording and save video, press K2. The steady red light will come on and the unit will be in standby mode.

The Car Key Motion Detection Spy Camera In Depth Review And Instructions

NOTE: If the camera is left in motion-detection mode, it will record until motion is no longer detected, then shut off automatically. A window will open and you will see the PC camera is now operating.

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Removable Disk. This unit can be used as a portable storage device, but it is recommended to save your files to another location and keep your files backed up.

Be sure the TF card is installed, turn the power off to the device, and plug into your computer using the USB cable. A balloon will pop up to let you know it is now safe to unplug your device from the USB port.

Camera key dvr s818 manual

NOTE: It is recommended to fully charge and fully discharge the battery for the first 5 charges. This will allow the battery to reach maximum capacity.

DVRS818 Spy Camera Key Chain With Motion Detection

This is charging mode, indicated by the steady red light and flashing blue light. When the battery is charged, the blue light will go out, leaving the red light on. It is recommended to charge for 30 to 60 minutes longer after the blue light stops flashing. Once your hardware is recognized, insert the CD that came with the product. Access the drive that contains your DVR. Disconnect the DVR from your computer using the proper procedure.

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Turn on the DVR power and turn it back off. The date and time should now be set and will show correctly on the video that you record. Login Register. Toll Free my shopping Cart.

S818 Motion Detection Mini Car Key Chain DV Camera Video Camcorder

About Us Privacy Policy Bookmark us. It was sooo helpful!! Carrion Jr "Thanks for the Heads Up! It was better than most online responses and improved your company image - Matt H "The items ive been looking for! Product Detail Features. Removable Disk This unit can be used as a portable storage device, but it is recommended to save your files to another location and keep your files backed up.

Solution: Charge the battery to continue using. Problem: The unit stops responding.

The DVRS818 Spy Car Remote / Key DVR with Motion Detector Product Manual

Solution: Press K1 to reset. You May Also Like. Shipping Charges - How much is shipping? Delivery Times - How long does it take for delivery? Shippment Tracking - How do you track shipments?

The DVR S818 is Motion activated and records sight and sound for up to 90 minutes.

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