Building Wordpress Themes From Scratch Download Pdf

Building wordpress themes from scratch download pdf

In the following tutorial I will guide you through the entire process of creating a WordPress starter theme from scratch , integrating SASS and Bootstrap. Just the thought of building a WordPress theme from scratch makes them very anxious. Seeing how WordPress is becoming more and more popular by the minute, it should be important for anyone giving WordPress services to be at the top of their game.

Meaning, you need to be able to build basically anything a client asks you to, and not be dependent on things that were already built by others. For that reason, basically any project I take, will be built with a starter theme. So basically I create a unique WordPress theme from scratch for any project. So essentially, you need to be an actual developer, know programming languages and web technologies.

In order to start building a WordPress theme from scratch, we will need to understand the structure of a WordPress theme. Download WordPress to your local machine from WordPress. You will see a few pre-installed themes.

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In our current location we will create a new folder with the name of the theme that I want to build. The first file a theme has to have is a style. You could actually add these 2 files without one letter of code in them.

Now your theme can be activated.

Building wordpress themes from scratch download pdf

However, in order to activate the theme, we need to have an active WordPress installation. If you have one, you can skip ahead, if not — here are your options.

Building wordpress themes from scratch download pdf

For learning purposes, I would choose a local development; there is no reason to learn on a live server. It seems to make the process a bit more simple but the previous 2 are just fine. Edit : The best solution these days personally seems to be using Xampp and Gulp will be discussed. Now we are ready to activate our new theme and start getting our hands dirty. Add your username and password and log in. Now navigate to the Appearance tab which will bring you into the themes page.

As you can see, my theme is present on the themes page. All I have to do is click the Activate button and our new theme will be in use. Within our theme folder, we add a file called screenshot. This is what mine looks like:. First of all, just in case you have never heard of Bootstrap, here is a little preview.

Bootstrap just makes all the hard work of front-end development much easier. Bootstrap is made for people of basically any skill set. Bootstrap went ahead and created lots of classes that can be used on your site within seconds, making the hard job much easier.

Build a WordPress Website from Scratch

There are lots of benefits while using Twitter Bootstrap and one of them being the grid system. Go to Bootstrap , there are 2 options of integration that are relevant to our project, downloading the actual files and integrating into our theme or using a CDN.

For the purpose of this demonstration we will use the CDN option but feel free to choose the other option on your projects. We want to take the starter template and integrate the code in our WordPress theme. The boilerplate code will be separated into 3 groups:. In WordPress sites, the entire top area of the site, referred to as a header, is located in a file called header.

So, in your theme folder, add 2 new files named header.

Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch

The last piece we need in order to get things going is to include these 2 files in our content file. Currently we are going to use the index. So, within index. Currently we have our footer set up, out header set up and our content file. Within this one function we added the appropriate codes and styles to the header and footer. Read more about functions.

Now that we have a skeleton of our site, lets add a Bootstrap Navbar to our site header. There are many types of navbars that can be used and they are pretty flexible, I took the main navbar and removed most of its functionality and integrated the WordPress menu into it. Add a file called nav. You can read more about the navigation abilities here. Lots of the dynamic content we print out on a page comes from a unique WordPress loop.

Assuming you know PHP this will be easy for you to understand, if not — tough luck building WordPress sites entails programming.

Building wordpress themes from scratch download pdf

The WordPress loop is very easy to implement. Go look at your index. Now if we want to get any other content onto our page we need to add it using the loop we will push the title into the loop as well. Paste this code over our existing code on the index. Pretty simple, right? WordPress lets us decide whether we want the homepage to show the last posts as a blog view or use an existing page as the homepage. However, there is a third option which is the only one I ever use.

If you add a file called front-page. So, adding the exact code we just added to the index page to a new front-page.

What do I need to start building a WordPress Website from scratch?

WordPress has a well-built structure, without making any changes in the admin, we can control what file will be used as a template for the site content. To make things simple — index. For this theme I will build a few basic templates that I usually use, feel free to add more if you need them.

The post template is called single.

[Lynda] WordPress: Building Themes from Scratch Using Underscores

At this point, just to make sure everything was done correctly, add a unique sentence on each of your new templates, navigate into the dashboard, view your sample page that WordPress pre populated and view it.

Do the same for the post. If your pages appear with the sentence you added a different one for the page and post , you are golden. The code here is identical too. Since we are in a loop, you will see all the content, no matter if you have 1 or 5 entries. This process is a bit different, here we can just add a Nice message for the user. Add whatever you want in a file called SASS is normally split up into lots of subject related files.

For instance you might have a settings.

How to Create WordPress Theme from Scratch : Beginners Guide (2020)

First of all, in order to run a compiler, you would normally develop locally and then upload the compiled file to the live server when done. The compiler I use and highly recommend is — Prepros which has a trial option, so feel free to check it out before purchasing.

Once Prepros is set up, you will see all the WP files in the right area just like on the image above.

Building wordpress themes from scratch download pdf

Navigate to the CSS tab and remove whatever is written in the second field, your project should now look like this:. Now save options. Now all I need to do is create a new folder which I will name sass in my theme root and inside it I will create 2 files. The second name will be for some of my global settings and styles, you could name it as you like.

The first is named style since this file will be importing all the SASS files and compiling a file names style.

Learn to Build WordPress Themes: Extracting Content From A Photoshop Layout!

Remember the comment we added in our style file? Well, we need to add it to the SASS file now, so my style. Just to make sure it works, add a regular css rule to both files and make sure they are compiled into your style.

Just in case you had a hard time keeping up, you can download the theme zip here:. There is a great solution to this, go to the repository on Github , and download.

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All you really need here are these 2 files:. Once you are finished, open your gulpfile. Wait a few seconds and it will run. DO NOT install this on your site expecting it to switch your current theme. The point of this tutorial was to show you how to create the entire file and function layout but the rest of it is up to you.

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Download the Theme. Now That you have a new Theme, you need web hosting.

[Lynda] WordPress: Constructing Themes from Scratch Utilizing Underscores Course Free Download

This tutorial might be exactly what you need but it might be way over your head. In order to build a WordPress theme from scratch, as we stated above — you need to know various programming languages and technologies.

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Below is the best place to learn WordPress professionally in order to give you the ability to build themes from scratch without following tutorials every time.

Udemy is probably the top online learning resource around.

Developing a Wordpress Theme from Scratch

First, choose your subject. Just go to Udemy , search for your subject, go through the results, search for something that works for you, that the tutor seems like he knows his stuff, that has enough sales and ratings and just go for it. Please leave this field empty. The only way to hide the date the post was updated, is to remove it from the actual code of the post.