Brother Exedra E 40 Manual Muscle

Brother exedra e 40 manual muscle

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Search Forums. March 31st, , AM. But be warned: this one's a whole lot darker As I walked out of the airport baggage reclaim, my gaze washed over the knot of people waiting expectantly in the arrivals hall.

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I had been told Kevin would be waiting but I didn't spot him. Just then my eye caught a wave from a figure lounging against a pillar. I focused on the movement, then took an unbelieving second take. The tangle of dark hair was familiar, and wasn't that Kevin's face?

But the body that strained the fabric of the T shirt and jeans was definitely not what I remembered of my little brother. As I walked towards him, the figure detached itself from the pillar, looming ever larger as he straightened up to greet me. He grinned, reached out two muscular arms and pulled me into a hug that forced all the air out of my lungs.

My face buried itself into his chest and I could feel powerful pecs ripple against my cheek. It was a totally unexpected surprise to feel so small and frail in the embrace of my 16 year old kid brother! Then my arms were seized in the vice-like grip of his hands.

He pushed me out of the hug and stared at me. Or to be more accurate, he stared down at me. And since I stand a respectable 5ft 11ins, I guessed that my little brother now outstripped me by a good 4 inches.

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His smile grew wider as his bright eyes studied me. I got the uncomfortable impression that he was assessing our changed status. It was deep and resonant. Shrink you? I tried to remain composed, but in truth I was already feeling quite intimidated. These days I live, eat and sleep down at the gym. It's been like that since you left for college 10 months ago, and it's been quite a ride.

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When you took off I guess I panicked that you wouldn't be around school anymore to look out for me. So I decided to do something about it. How was I to know I'd take to pumping iron like a fish to water and get hit with a huge fuckin' growth spurt? Then, placing his fists on his waist, he inflated his lungs and flared out his lats in classic bodybuilder pose.

Not bad huh? Not bad didn't come close. The fabric of his shirt could barely contain his chest. He purred with pleasure at his display and carried on with his explanation, oblivious to the noise and bustle all around us in the busy arrivals hall. They were fine for a week or two, but then I just seemed to outgrow them. Fact is, I grew like a weed. Then I joined the Y and the guys there were just amazed at how fast I packed on the muscle.

Pretty soon I was the biggest fuckin' jock in school.

Brother exedra e 40 manual muscle

The gym probably also accounted for the other change in my little brother's life - the foul language! I stared at Kevin, searching for signs of my little brother.

The face that stared back at me was ruggedly handsome with dark manly stubble, but the cute boyish looks I remembered were gone.

Brother exedra e 40 manual muscle

In their place was a cocky, masculine maturity that I didn't even possess myself yet! As I stared, his smile faded. When we get home, what was your bedroom is now my bedroom. I needed the fuckin' space, man. So I moved all your stuff up into the attic room.

Brother exedra e 40 manual muscle

You okay with that? For a moment I thought I saw contempt on his face. Then the smile returned and he reached out a big hand and ruffled my hair, just as I used to do with him.

Mom got it wrong, as usual - you and me are gonna get along just fine. Then I quickly ran after him, my eyes drinking in the back view of my stud brother. My bags were being carried effortlessly by two muscular arms on either end of wide shoulders.

The powerful legs that strained the fabric of his jeans would not have disgraced a professional footballer. He had to be way over pounds of solid muscle! All of this was making my manhood tingle. I forced the image from my mind. Kevin knew nothing about me being gay, and I felt flustered that I was reacting to the physical allure of my own brother.

Arriving at the parking lot I was surprised to see a gleaming red convertible.

Brother exedra e 40 manual muscle

You've only been driving a few weeks and Dad gives you the Porsche? He never once let me drive it. We sat in and he turned to look at me. With me he doesn't get the chance to say no. I just take what I want. What had happened to my little brother? As I fought to make sense of the confusion in my mind, Kevin gunned the engine and revved out of the parking lot, leaving tyre tread on the concrete.

Brother exedra e 40 manual muscle

We sped out of the airport and onto the busy suburban freeway, his muscular arms spinning the steering wheel to weave recklessly from lane to lane for maximum advantage. Watch and learn.

I'm gonna show you how a real man drives. Who was this arrogant alpha male?

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Certainly not the nice kid brother who had waved me off to college. How was it possible to change so much in less than a year? As we sped along, I began to cast my mind back to the day the family drove me to the airport, bound for my new life as a college freshman For Some reason these stories hit the spot every time!

I Like where this is going keep it up bro! March 31st, , PM. A wonderful beginning! There is no story dynamic I enjoy seeing explored more than that of the younger brother becoming much stronger and dominating his older brother. But maybe when the over grown punk disses their parents, older bro goes back to college with a new resolution, "whatever it takes.

Please continue!!!

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There is nothing that I like more than a role reversal story. And please, go as dark as you want. I like it when the big bro accepts his little bro and resigns to defeat and the reversal is complete.

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However there is no need for humiliation. The big bro becomes the ultimate support to his now bigger little bro. If I could write this kind of stuff, I would. One of these days I might. September 23rd, , PM. September 24th, , PM. Great work!

Looking forward to more of this. I guess I kind of have to agree with tagsnola Originally Posted by wbjason.

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Brother exedra e 40 manual muscle

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