Boss Br 800 Vs Zoom R16 Manual

Boss br 800 vs zoom r16 manual

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The Gear Page. Feb 24, 1. Messages: I've been looking at one of these above since they can act as stand alone recorders and USB interfaces. I miss the days of the 4 track cassette - plug in the mic, hit record, capture audio!

Too many times over the years I've had the little problems that keep you messing around on the computer instead of recording. Any thoughts on this approach or one beter than the other, etc? My current interface just crashed so needing a replacement anyway. Also, anyone know if the Zoom or BR will work with Reason?

I imagine they would but anyone running that set up currently?

Feb 24, 2. The Zoom records 8 tracks simultaneously.

BOSS BR-800 Demonstration

Zoom R24 has phantom on 8 channels R16 on 4 , Boss on 1. Fran Guidry , Feb 24, Feb 24, 3.

Boss br 800 vs zoom r16 manual

Feb 25, 4. Messages: 9, Transferring from the Zoom to your DAW is a breeze.

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They even supply the cable, plus you can use a memory stick if you want. Flogger59 , Feb 25, Feb 25, 5.

The Best Multitrack Recorders - Digital

How are the drum sounds on the Zoom - and, if you create a tune, can you export the drum track as a separate file and then open it on a DAW? And one more question - if I ran a click track on the Zoom or Boss, is there a way that that click track info can transfer to another program and then have that program be able to lock on to that click track?

I hope that makes sense Again, I'm picturing doing first capture of projects on this device and then moving to Logic or Reason to mix and finish, add, etc. Feb 25, 6. The Zoom doesn't have a drum machine, just a CD with loops on it. You can sync two Zoom machines together, so with two R16s or R24s you can record 16 tracks simultaneously.

I wouldn't try to sync it with my computer. Feb 25, 7. Bunky likes this.

Feb 26, 8. So it does. Gee, shoulda bought the R Flogger59 , Feb 26, Feb 26, 9. Messages: 4, OP,do you need the on board drum features?

Boss br 800 vs zoom r16 manual

You'll save some serious money put having the r16 if you don't need the drums. I use the 16 for the same purpose as I thi. Easy to work with in reaper once I dump the files onto my pc. CC Overdrive , Feb 26, Feb 26, Messages: 8, I've always found the drums easy to use, lots of different patterns, and they sound pretty decent.

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I'm in a similar situation to you right now, trying to decide between a zoom R8 drums or the Tascam DP no drums. I'll probably stick with the zoom primarily for the built in drums and the fact it records in WAV and is easy to pull directly into the PC.

Boss br 800 vs zoom r16 manual

Nevets , Feb 26, Feb 28, Let me pose this question. I may just go with a new interface.

Did spend some time with Boss BR demos on youtube tonight and, I have to say, it looks like a great little sketch pad When I used the R16 as an interface my biggest problem was the lack of a software mixer. This made monitor control a bit of a kludge compared to the Echo Audio interface I was using at the time.

And the preamps were not quite at the level of that Echo Pre8, they added a touch of self-noise that I didn't experience with my interface at that time. No experience with the BR Fran Guidry , Feb 28, Messages: 11, I have posted this before, but I have the R24 and although I have been programming drums on an Alesis sr for years, I do not like the way the R24 handles the creating of drum tracks for songs - at all.

I think it is a major design flaw.

Honestly, if making drums tracks is your primary goal I would get the Tascam and a used Alesis drum machine. Here is the R24 method: you create a drum "loop" for example, the verse and record it to a stereo pair of tracks.

Boss br 800 vs zoom r16 manual

Then create a new loop for the chorus and record that to another stereo pair of tracks, create a third loop the bridge and record it to a third set of stereo tracks. You will also probably want fills, and intro, and ending, etc. So, we are now up to 6 different loops all stereo, meaning 12 tracks. THEN you have to sequence all these loops and bounce them in order defining the place, the number of beats, etc, that each loop plays in the sequence to a new pair of open stereo tracks.

Bouncing is like doing a premix where the volume, eq, etc all have to be set correctly on each loop because it will bounce the way it is mixed.

Boss Br-800...could it be the best 8 tracker around ? Your inputs please !

Sequencing the loops in the tiny LED interface is difficult and if you make a mistake you will likely have to start from scratch I found that to be the easiest way.

This is completely different from an average drum machine where you just create patterns, write down their numbers and then put them in sequence in one step. There is no "bouncing" step with a programmable drum machine - all patterns are pre-mixed. All patterns are a predetermined length as well, so when sequencing you don't have to define the "length" for each individual pattern in the song, but the R24 loops are continuous, so you do have to define its place and length is the sequencing step.

Boss br 800 vs zoom r16 manual

Once you are done with the bounce you can erase all the loops you used anywhere from 6 to 20 tracks just to build what in the end is a stereo drum track - but then what do you do if you decide to change the song? You erased all your patterns. If that sounds confusing, it is because it is confusing,the reason I don;t care for this approach.

If you are thinking about the R24 drum machine, I urge you to read the manual and see if it even includes a tutorial on how to create a drum pattern for an entire song: www.

All user reviews for the Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

Just food for thought, but I think it is important to know. I do think the pre-amps are decent, however, and I found it very easy to import the tracks it created to ProTools.

Just be aware that although it comes with Cakewalk and says it is an interface, it IS an interface, but not a control surface. Once you start recording in Cakewalk with it, you are then recording to the computer, no longer to the R However, it IS quite easy to bounce the tracks from Cakewalk back to the R24 if that is what you want to do, and continue working on the R Aside from the drums, the R24 is very easy to use and versatile.

The included effects are quite decent it is from zoom , especially for guitar, and it is made to take a direct signal from a guitar and record it with a variety of amp and cabinet simulators.

Zoom R24 vs Boss BR 800

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