Awakening The Third Eye Clairvision Pdf Reader

Awakening the third eye clairvision pdf reader

Who were the Atlanteans? How did Atlantis fall?

Awakening the Third Eye - Open the Third Eye and Spiritual Vision - EBook

Samuel Sagan has chosen to present his visions of Atlantis in the form of this spellbinding historical novel, whose background is a large initiation temple in the years preceding the final collapse of the glorious civilisation.

Find yourself immersed in an Atlantean temple, some 12, years ago. Foreseeing the imminent and unavoidable demise of Atlantis, the initiates of the order of the Masters of Thunder have decided to preserve their knowledge for the future in the form of a non-physical archive. To fulfil the spirit of their tradition, some of the final steps of their grand project will have to be completed not by themselves but by their apprentices, young men and women undergoing the long journey of discovery through which Atlantean high priests and priestesses are trained.

But time is running out! The warp of fields, the foundation of Atlantean technology, is fast collapsing.

Awakening the third eye clairvision pdf reader

Unless the sleepers awaken, everything will be lost. Following Szar, apprentice of Thunder, the narrative depicts the fabric of Atlantean society and presents the paths, practices and supernatural achievements of several orders of high initiates, as well as the phenomenal technology of consciousness which was kept in Atlantean temples.

Through Szar's quest for awakening, the reader is taken on a cosmological odyssey, travelling in distant spaces, facing the Dragon-fire, experiencing the nightmares and marvels of the underworld.

There is no time left, and everything to learn. Pressure steadily builds to apocalyptic levels. Amidst multiple references to mythology and cosmology, Atlantean Secrets tells of the death of a world, and the birth of a new one. Expect surprises! Excerpts 1.

Awakening The Third Eye Samuel Sagan Pdf

It illuminated the spheres with a majestic dark-blue glow as no one had ever seen. Not even the gods. Not even the Nagas who know all the secrets of the Underworlds. The gods of Amaravati were standing in one long row on the shore of the Molten Sea, watching the cloud drawing near.

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Among them, Kartendranath. Fingering his triaxe, the god shivered, "If this thing attacks us, then the Lord Melchisedek have mercy on us! The cloud's hugeness was what confounded him. He had seen Flying Dragons before, but never so close. Finding himself face to face with one, he was shocked by the sheer magnitude of the being. And the music As the Flying Dragon was approaching, inexplicable harmonies filled the spheres. Music multidimensional.

Awakening the Third Eye

Enigmatic vastness. Aeons of strangeness. Dreaming from before the Cosmic Night. Long, long before the gods were born. The language of the gods has a thousand names for blue.

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Not one of them fitted the aurora that illuminated their sky. Eyes fixed on the horizon, the god of the golden helmet responded, "The Web of Love is what has brought it here.

As it wants, so it will receive. All of a sudden, the White Eagle of the gods took its flight. From the edge of the Molten Sea it darted skywards. The silence after the sound of the Flying Dragons is packed with mysteries. Endlessly profound like a Cosmic Night. A different music. Extraordinarily melodious. It was still multifarious and untraceable like the Dawn of Creation, but its strangeness had softened.

Its mathematical fire was enthused with solar fortitude. It carried the White Eagle's unbounded heartness.

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And for an entire night, the gods celebrated the mysteries of remoteness. Through the eye of the White Eagle, they beheld the cloud's glory. It had lived through many a cosmic cycle, travelled through many a thousand spheres from the Blue Lagoon to the Great Ant, and from the bottom of the Fault of Eternity where the Mother of the Light can be seen smiling to the Black Night of Remoteness where all secrets of the creation are concealed.

Beyond time, space and infinity, beyond pralayas and cosmic births, there are mysteries that elude the gods themselves. This was not part of the order of the universe.

Awakening the third eye clairvision pdf reader

A traveller through eternity, the Flying Dragon had to resume its course. At dawn the White Eagle reappeared, emerging from the blue fire in the heavens. The spheres were vibrant with music, the gods intoxicated with elixir of infinity. The Eagle followed it to the edge of the spheres of Melchisedek, where the Web of Love ends and the spheres of remoteness begin. This was where the legendary farewell was exchanged,.

The Flying Dragon disappeared in the immensity of remoteness.

Atlantean Secrets

Echoes of its music kept resonating through the spheres for a thousand years. Ever since, whoever cognises the Eagle can contemplate not only its infinite Spirit of Whiteness, but also a tinge of this multidimensional blueness from beyond the Abyss of the Deep and the Fault of Eternity. A thunderous presence filled the room. Loud, hissing sounds, like furious snakes, shook the serenity of the night.

Awakening the third eye clairvision pdf reader

They shattered the soft cocoon of shimmering starlight which patient Marka had woven around the sleeping body. From far away, a mysterious, foreign voice whispered, " Space Matrix time reconnection completed.

Awakening the Third Eye - Open the Third Eye and Spiritual Vision - EBook

When she heard it, Marka shivered. And in a nearby chapel, the principal space controller of Eisraim also heard the wondrous murmur.

He was now re-entering his body, which had been hibernating for thirty-two weeks under the expert supervision and tender care of Marka, the young priestess of Malchasek. Completely disregarding the lawful necessity for slow transitions, cautious reconnections, and gradual reawakenings, Gervin smiled. Marka was not in the least surprised. She had learnt the art of travelling from Gervin, she knew what the man was capable of.

Despite being less than thirty years of age, Gervin, disciple of Orest, had conquered all the powers of the Masters of Thunder. Softly she chanted an ancient ritual lullaby which invoked her angel of Highness, " O great Malchasek, wings of infinity, silent fullness which moves the world, protect this newborn child. Using her voice as a thread, Gervin pulled himself back into his body all at once, and opened his eyes. Marka was a short, dark-haired woman from the counties of the south.

She was not beautiful, but what made her special among all the priestesses of Eisraim were her eyes. Young Gervin, who wore the long brown gown of the Masters of Thunder, looked into the eyes of the priestess clad in the orange dress of the order of Malchasek. Light met light, and there was fullness.

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You are shining with the wonders of remoteness," Marka's smile was glowing. Gervin kept smiling, silently rediscovering the magic of her eyes after his lengthy odyssey. To him, the journey had lasted not seven months but seven aeons. For in the spheres of remoteness, time can be stretched, curved back, then concentrated all in one point, made to explode in lines that run in every direction and again can be stretched, and curved into an infinity of temporal paradoxes.

Gervin did not use his physical voice. After hibernating for so long, the rule was that no body part be moved for at least three and, preferably, seven days. He spoke to Marka's consciousness through a voice channel of space. Much clearer than when I left. What a feat you have accomplished, Marka! I have none of the dull inertia that usually afflicts travellers when they re-enter their body.

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How can I thank you for your tender care? It is his light that I have projected into your body. Tell me, friend, how does it feel to be in a human body after having been spread in the infinity of space for so long? The consciousness of the Flying Dragons is incommensurable, Marka. Far beyond anything the human mind can conceive.

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The images were so beautiful they often made me cry with joy. I was especially moved by those you sent on your way back. This was the most beautiful of all. Unfortunately I had never heard of this order. Can you tell me anything about it? But it would have been at least hundreds of lawful years ago.

Awakening the third eye clairvision pdf reader

I believe the order of the White Eagle has more or less disappeared from the kingdom. They have given us full access to their Universal Knowledge Banks. And they have given the Masters of Thunder permission to use Space Matrix, the phenomenal guidance system which they use when travelling through the spheres.