Avantgrand N1 Manual High School

Avantgrand n1 manual high school

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Hi everyone, Im new to this forum and would appreciate a little bit of advice from you guys. I'm an adult intermediate level player of grade 5 standard. I have been playing for four years. Last year I purchased the yamaha Clavinova CLP which has brilliant sounds and realistic harmonics and reverb etc The action is very good with key counterweights and gives good dynamic range but it seems to me to lack that realism compared to acoustic pianos I have tried in music stores.

When I have lessons I really struggle to get a decent sound out of my teachers acoustic upright.

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Do you think it would be worth upgrading to one of the N1 or N2 avantgrand hybrid pianos? If so which would be the best piano between these two to help me progress as a player?

Thanks in advance to everyone. Member Posts: Not so sure. The has wooden keys and a very nice feeling, no, I wouldn't bother upgrading if I were you. Give it a few years I have also had trouble with my teachers' big old upright This problem of mine disappeared when I had been to some piano summer schools where I practiced very intensively on acoustic uprights Yamahas and frequently also on different grands.

Back home, I found my digital CLP rather strange, but after some 15 minutes I had got used to it again.


Next summer I did not have those adapting problems anymore, so my conclusion is that once you have learned to adapt to a different kind of piano, you will not forget this "art". Nowadays I can switch rather seamlessly - ok, almost - between digitals and different acoustics. And I don't reflect on my teachers' upright anymore, except that the keyboard is too high.

So my advice to you is to find some quality practice time on uprights. When I upgrade my it will probably be to a N1 as I cannot house an acoustic in my home, but The CLP is an excellent instrument and its sound engine is actually more advanced than that of the AvantGrands.

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Of course the AvantGrands have the advantage of a real grand piano action, but you may find the sound slightly disappointing compared to your CLP If you are considering an N2, you should also consider the possibility of buying an acoustic upright or a restored grand for a similar price.

The piano can be fitted with a silent system if you need to practice without disturbing others. I think the most important thing is to try to find real acoustic pianos to practice on from time to time.

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Each one is different. If you can learn how to get the best out of any piano, you'll find you can practice on almost anything within reason!

Avantgrand n1 manual high school

Thanks for the replies guys, the trouble is I can't get access to acoustic instruments other than going to play them in my local music store. An acoustic instrument is out of the question both because of problematic access to my upstairs apartment and noise issues.

Try looking for acoustic pianos somewhere else, for example in a nearby church or maybe a senior home. If you can stand an untuned piano in bad general condition, you might find many possibilites Also note that you don't have to play on acoustics three times a week or something. Just occasionally.

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Of course you should try the AvantGrands too! I just noted the other day that the really is an excellent piano. You can become a good pianist with that one, I assure you that, provided that you get some "flight hours" on other pianos as well.

It is not good for anyone to always play on the same piano.

Avantgrand n1 manual high school

Again, I think you have bigger problems shifting between grands and uprights than between digitals and acoustics. Now I talk about good digitals, like your , NOT the low budget models. I cannot house an acoustic either where I live, although I can get one for free if I like.

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Today the way decent digital pianos play and not to mention, once again, with VST software especially, if I were an apartment dweller I wouldn't even consider owning an acoustic piano. Turns out my tenants who live in the attached apartment to my house can hear me play at times and like it especially in summer with windows open.

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Even so, I don't wear out the welcome mat, they are great tenants that we don't care to lose because they got tired of me and my piano music. I have been playing more with headphones lately on my digital piano.

Avantgrand n1 manual high school

I mostly play it over my acoustic grand anyway, but all the more reason now. Don't be an obnoxious neighbor I guess is the point. But that surely is not the case. Nothing wrong with digital pianos, IMO, and I've owned an acoustic grand for more than 30 years.

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I'm just not snobby about it. It's great to have, it gives options but if I were forced to live in an apartment situation for what ever reason, I wouldn't own one.

Depressing the pedal on an out of tune acoustic piano and playing does not result in tonal color control or add interest, it's called obnoxious. Thanks so much to you guys for the advice, I have booked a regular one hour practice slot on a baby grand, every two weeks at a local studio.

Avantgrand n1 manual high school

I have also learnt anew to appreciate my for the beautiful sounding instrument that it is. I shall still test out the AvantGrands if not simply out of curiosity, and will post my thoughts on them.

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I love playing different pianos, I can't believe it took me until in my thirties to discover this brilliant hobby. But better late than never I suppose. SMF 2.