Art Of French Horn Playing Pdf

Art of french horn playing pdf

Philip Francis Farkas was a legendary principal orchestra player, a leading teacher, author of a book known as the Bible for horn players, and a co-founder of the IHS.

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Farkas was born in in Chicago. His parents were not musically inclined, but his mother thought piano lessons were important.

Art of french horn playing pdf

At age twelve, Farkas joined the Boy Scouts. The troop needed a bugler, so Farkas volunteered and remained a bugler until age fourteen. At about that time, Farkas started to show signs of asthma, and his parents thought that playing a wind instrument in the school band would help. Farkas selected the tuba.

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He took the streetcar to school until one day the streetcar conductor refused to let him on with the tuba. Farkas asked what instrument would be allowed, and the conductor pointed to a horn case. Farkas loved it immediately, and at that point Farkas decided he wanted to become a professional horn player.

The year was Farkas' first horn teacher was Earl Stricker.

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He began studying privately with Louis Dufrasne, a great horn artist of the time, and playing with the Chicago Civic Orchestra. Farkas began his career as first horn player in the newly formed Kansas City Philharmonic, not having finished high school, in In , he became first horn in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the youngest member of the orchestra, until Then in succession, he played first horn with the Cleveland Orchestra , the Boston Symphony Orchestra , back to Cleveland , and finally back to Chicago After so many years of orchestral playing, he said, "I would rather quit several years too soon than 10 minutes too late.

Farkas had a significant reputation as a teacher when he moved to Indiana University. A few years before, he had published The Art of French Horn Playing , which became known as the Bible for horn players and is a fixture in almost every horn player's library.

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Farkas believed that to be successful, horn players needed technique, musicianship, and the courage to play in public. He advocated knowing their weaknesses and working to make them strengths; i.

Art of french horn playing pdf

In addition to the many orchestral recordings in which Farkas can be heard, he made a few solo and chamber recordings and can be heard in advertising jingles and in Nat King Cole's Portrait of Jenny. Among Farkas' other accomplishments was designing the Farkas Model horn and mouthpiece.

Art of french horn playing pdf

He experimented his entire life with horn and mouthpiece design. After beginning his collaboration with Holton and moving to Indiana University, he sold his share of the business to Schilke, and then helped design a collection of mouthpieces for Holton. He was awarded an honorary doctorate at Eastern Michigan University, also in After retiring from Indiana University in , Farkas continued to perform and give clinics.

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Stewart, M. Books about Farkas: Stewart, M.

Art of french horn playing pdf

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Art of french horn playing pdf