Angel Island Immigration Definition Pdf

Angel island immigration definition pdf

Angel Island Immigration Station was the entryway to America for hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mainly from Asian countries, during its operation from to Chinese immigration to the United States had increased steadily since the mid-nineteenth century, and some Americans worried that Chinese employment as low-wage workers threatened American jobs.

Angel island immigration definition pdf

Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act in to reduce the number of Chinese immigrants entering the country and make immigration more difficult. Federal officials initially processed immigrants in San Francisco upon arrival but relocated the screening center to Angel Island, a strategically-ideal location north of the city in the San Francisco Bay.

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There, detainees had limited contact with other immigrants who might coach them on passing their interrogations, less risk of spreading infectious diseases, and fewer chances of escaping. While a European immigrant might expect to spend a few hours at Ellis Island or at any station on the West Coast , Asian immigrants spent weeks or months detained on Angel Island.

Angel island immigration definition pdf

The exact number of immigrants who passed through Angel Island is unknown; estimates vary between , and one million people. While Angel Island was most consistently processing Chinese and Japanese immigrants, immigrants also arrived from India, Korea, the Philippines, Russia, Mexico, and seventy-five other countries. In the s, thirty years after the immigration station closed, Asian American communities and the State of California began working to preserve both the physical station and the stories it represented.

Angel island immigration definition pdf

Today, the immigration station is open to the public and reminds visitors of the bravery, despair, anger, and hope of the people who dreamed of coming to America. To give feedback, contact us at education dp.

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Immigration through Angel Island. Show full overview.

Angel Island Immigration Station

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Accessed January 18, Note: These citations are programmatically generated and may be incomplete. A photograph of immigrants arriving at Angel Island, A photograph of an Angel Island dormitory room as it looked when the immigration station was in use, A photograph of immigration officials interviewing an Angel Island detainee, A photograph of a missionary conducting an English lesson for a group of immigrant women, A photograph of a Chinese poem carved into an Angel Island dormitory wall by a detainee.

A photograph of the Angel Island administration building on fire, August 12, A photograph of a former Angel Island detainee returning with his family, The Great Migration.

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