Allied Telesis At-9000 28 Manualidades

Allied telesis at-9000 28 manualidades

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This product includes software licensed under the BSD License. As such, the following language applies for those portions of the software licensed under the BSD License:.

Allied telesis at-9000 28 manualidades

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:. Copyright , , by Carnegie Mellon University.

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Allied telesis at-9000 28 manualidades

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Miller, Reyk Floeter, and Chad Mynhier. No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior written permission from Allied Telesis, Inc.

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Allied Telesis, Inc.

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The information provided herein is subject to change without notice. In no event shall Allied Telesis, Inc. Document Conventions Downloading Management Software and Web-based Guides Contacting Allied Telesis Online Support Email and Telephone Support Returning Products Sales or Corporate Information Management Software Updates Management Sessions Web Manager Accounts Chapter 2: Starting a Management Session Starting a Web Management Session Selecting items from a Web Page What to Configure First Assigning a Name to the Switch Adding a Management IP Address Setting System Time Saving Your Changes Ending a Web Management Session Chapter 3: Basic Switch Parameters Setting the System Date and Time Setting System Time Manually Setting a Remote Log Server Setting the Switch Information Setting the Configuration File Displaying and Setting the Active Configuration File Uploading a Configuration File Managing User Accounts Adding a User Changing a User Password Changing the User Privilege Deleting a User Rebooting a Switch Upgrading the Software Displaying System Information Chapter 4: Setting Port Parameters Displaying the Port Parameters Changing the Port Settings Displaying the Storm Control Settings Modifying the Storm Control Settings Chapter 5: Setting Port Statistics Displaying Port Statistics Displaying Transmit and Receive Port Statistics Displaying the Receive Statistics Displaying Transmit Statistics Displaying Interface Statistics Clearing Port Statistics Chapter 6: Setting Port Mirroring Displaying Port Mirroring Settings Assigning a Destination Port Assigning Port Mirroring Values Displaying the MAC Address Displaying Multicast Addresses Assigning a MAC Address Assigning an Unicast Address Assigning a Multicast Address Deleting a MAC Address Deleting a Unicast Address Deleting a Multicast Address Chapter Setting Static Port Trunks Displaying Static Trunk Settings Adding Static Trunks Modifying the Static Trunk Settings Deleting Static Trunks Port-based VLANs Tagged VLANs Tagged and Untagged Ports Displaying VLANs Adding an VLAN Modifying VLANs Deleting VLANs Clearing the Routers List Displaying the Routers List Displaying the Hosts List Static Versus Dynamic Addresses

Allied telesis at-9000 28 manualidades