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Al wara wal bara pdf merge

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Al-Wala wal Bara' (Loyalitas dan Pengingkaran) - Ustadz Dr. Abdullah Roy, Lc. M.A.

Tho Cutting Casa. It is not likely that hit beloved country will go to war to vin? Ba ya Kn charged by Mr. Bayahd bu never for one moment bren governed by the unworthy and unpatriotic motives which oar Cin?

Be knows what he is doing. Be would not have tbe country go to war to vin? He hu shown by a wise tardiness, instead of the hot bute with which blinded partisans have charged him, that he will never advise war with Mexico so long u without it there ahall be even tbe least hope of securing jus tree to Cttjino. But Mr. Bayard might safely as? Our last war with Mexico was considered by almost half the people of the country to have been an unjust and unholy one, although the pretmble to tbe declaration of war read, '?

This then Whig city wu illuminated on the occasion of one of the battles? The Whigs saved their party from de?

Al wara wal bara pdf merge

General Taylor. So even if Mr. BAYARD were to lead this country into a war with Mexico, the patriotism of the people would cause them to rally to his support.

Al wara wal bara pdf merge

He can, therefore, have none but tbe best of motives for being as conciliatory as possible in bis demeanor towards Mexi?

In arguing, as we have done, that there wait at least some similarity be? Ile first acted io tbe Ci i T1NO cue upon information which had led him to believe that a great wrong had been done to an American ettizen. Whether be still, holds that to be true or not, we are not able to uy.

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But whether he doea or not, it seems to us that all the new developments in the cue point to a peaceful settlement of, tbe difficulty betwun Mexico and the United States. If Cpttihu were u worthless u the bitterest of his enemies represent him to be, he would be none the less en? Bayahd will do justioeto Mex ko anl to Ci in so.

There ue, how? The predictions are MW well calculated to bring about the ra? But the fact ia that elver bu not gawen margin for t dec ins in value.

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Itt correspondents in the silver producing Stales and Trtritorits My that the present low pr ces of silver Bullion will clou a numb ir of the eil Ttrtulnes. Wheo they art cloted, silver will probab'y begin to riae.

Al wara wal bara pdf merge

Thea the mines will bi nopened, and. And to on? Lot at all hope far tbs tntat, -ip. Matts produotd only i tULMO. Add to these con? Thc Ctmrur'Jovrnal asys that if the Govern? We must edd that the editor of Brad? A paragraph in the Washington Star linn unceii a few days since that the tariff resolution had also been folly en?

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From a Democratic standpoint that's a bsd sign. That is the very jueation which we bad hoped would not be railed in Virginia, in view of the act that at least half the Democratic lepers in tbe State do not admit the ruth of tbe assumption. In Nash? The Philadelphia News, in tn effort o boom Blaine, asks :??

Al-Wala wal-Bara by Shaykh Muhammad Saeed al-Qahtani

Will any Democrat deny tbatGro rer Cleveland is not weaker in New ioik to-day than when he was elected oy the narrow majority of 1,? No Democrat will deny that Cleveland is not weaker in New york to-day than when he was elected President; and such being the case, it would neem that there is more of thc coomerang than of the boom about the Newt's paragraph. A mountaineer once asked : " Where lo you Norfolk people go in a freshet? Norfolk Landmark.

And a very natural interrogatory it was. Certainly if the water were to rise in Norfolk as it toes in Richmond ind many other places when there is a Fresh, that city would all be under water. Tbe Cincinnati Enquirer calls upon tbe Government to rise up and consign " a million greaser corpses to enrich the Mexican soil. Tbs White-House gardener is lay? Clkveland's grounds, but the President pays for the time so employed out of his private purse. LY is held responsible for the latest Connecticut murder by one of tbe papers of that State.

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However, the Boston Herald remarks: "But that doesn't account for the long list of Hayhf. President Cleveland, in his letter to the Grand Army of the Republic at San Franciaco, uya : " Please convey to those in attendance my earnest wish bat tbe occaaion may strengthen the friendship and kind relations of those who by participation in danger became comrades, and that it may tend to the preurvation of their common interests.

The nation's gratitude to the soldiers of its wars should never wane or languish, but ita uianifmtntion should reat upon motivea worthy of the subject, an 1 should be characterized by fairness and impartiality. I am sure the Grand Army of the Republic asks no more than thia, and while it may well regard with watchful care the wants and the rights of ita members, it will crown itt mission by demonstrating to the people of the land how completely the Ameri?


Diet may merge in the American citi? Hoy all. Willi am L. Boy all. Tbs jury will attend to that little tvatUr. The motiinent for a contention will over? It is not probable, after all that has bren said, that a ticket for Supreme Court justices will be placed m tbe field.

In duncombe county attempts are being made io make much of that question. Itepiiblicans there are seeking to make ihe stock law and county government issues of importance, and by antago? The Charlotte Vbstrtrr intimates that Inde? That paper is itself rather on tbe fence in its opinions, and one of the Asheville papers is giving vent to some rather remarkable utterances. The Democratic press is standing like a wall.

Al wara wal bara pdf merge

In this district John Nichols, ex-postmas ter, and at present secretary of the State Agricultural Society, will mn as a labor candidate.

He poses as an in? He says openly that be counts upon tho labor vote.

Al wara wal bara pdf merge

If his estimates be well based, Msjor Graham has. Near Stokesburg Louisa, a sixteen year-old daughter of J. Culbreth, was very seriously if not fatally burned, lier father's bauds were also badly burned in his ellbrts to eave her life. A roost extraordinary and ruinous rain-storm passed across Limestone township, Duncombe county. The' rainfall was like a cloudburst, and all thc streams were flooded.

Al wara wal bara pdf merge

The wind blew violently. Corn was snapped ol! Then floods came to submerge and prostrate ihe crops. There were many serious individual losses. It has beon a notable year for local storms, and there has been considerable loss of life and stock by lightning. Some tields are of so little value that there sro said to be doubts whether tbe crop, when soil, will pay for the fertilizers uti d. This is the only really favorable fact in the matter.

Saturday, at Smithfield, the dogs were discovered dragging the body of a child in the street near the hotel.

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It was found that they had partially eaten the bony of the infant. The child had been killed by a blow on the head, and its mouth was filled with wet paper.

Several parties are suspected of tbe crime of infanticide. Farmers having laid by their crops are now having what is really their chief pleasure during the year? One of these, in Jones county Saturday, attracted more than 2, farmers and their wives and daughters.

Miller was continued before Associate-Justice Minimi ii in bambers. Tho arguments were by T. Justice Merritnonsaid he had no power to review tho acts of Judge Phillips, whose Fentence is appealed from?

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