6th Ed 40k Pdf To Excel

6th ed 40k pdf to excel

This is an old Edition's Space Marine tactics. The 7th Edition Tactics are here while the the 5th Edition Tactics are here. In all seriousness, Space Marines are perhaps the best army for beginners. Their units are fairly expensive points-wise, so they can't field as many units as most other armies.

While you can't bog down your foes in waves of men, this makes army construction cheaper and painting faster.

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They're also very forgiving in whatever role they're put in; Marines are good shots, and they're not half bad in an assault, either. Space Marine tanks, on the other hand, while not as robust or as powerful as those of the Imperial Guard's, are dirt-cheap and reliable. Tanks aside, they have Dreadnoughts; while not quite as good at shooting as a tank, Dreadnoughts are cheaper and a smaller target than a tank and are far better in close combat unless you are one of those idiots who has cheating good luck with tank shocking The Chapter Tactics have been redone.

Rather than needing a special character, you get one of seven army-wide rules - one for each of the First Founding Chapters and the Black Templars. This also applies to their successor Chapters.

6th ed 40k pdf to excel

Note that special characters may not be part of a detachment that does not have the same version of Chapter Tactics as them - i.

Papa Smurf can't lead a detachment of Salamanders, however he can be taken if you're, say, Iron Snakes, as you can choose what Chapter they "are" and thus what Tactics they have; furthermore, counts-as characters are still a thing, you just have use the Chapter Tactics they're associated with.

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The Imperium's Sword : One use only. For one assault phase the warlord and his unit have Furious Charge. Sicarius and Helbrecht have this. Storm of Fire : One use only. For one shooting phase a friendly codex squad within 12" re-rolls misses.

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Tigurius has this. Rites of War : Friendly codex units within 12" of the warlord can use his leadership instead of their own for morale tests. Grimaldus has this. Iron Resolve : Add plus one to the assault results total if the warlord is locked in that combat.

Download: Warhammer Rulebook 6th Edition Pdf.pdf

Pedro and Vulkan have this. Champion of Humanity : Killing the enemy warlord in a challenge nets you an extra D3 victory points. Sweeping Advance doesn't count though. Lysander and Khan have this. NOTE : There has been a debate going on whether you can swap multiple weapons for multiple relics i. As there has been no FAQ as of yet to resolve this issue it is left up to you whether you will allow yourself to use this particular loophole.

If the opponent gripes about it, you could say that it's putting more pts eggs in the proverbial basket and just leave it at that. Space Marine players also have access to a variety of special characters, most of which change how the whole army works.

They're all fairly expensive, and, as such, should be viewed as force multipliers rather than stand-alone units. If you take a character with the Chapter Tactics of one of the Forge World Chapters, you have to take them in a detachment of that Chapter.

6th ed 40k pdf to excel

Most of these characters also have updated rules not yet discussed here. Red Brethren Carcharodons only How come no one included them??? You can take one squad of them if you included Tyberos in your army.

7th Edition Quick Reference Sheet

Oh and they are also troop choice. Great middle finger to That guy who brings 3 baledrakes. And don't forget honorguard with chapterbanner and Tyberos in another land raider. A bare-bones Scout Squad in a Storm only costs points, and can effectively neuter an entire Leman Russ Squadron for as long as it's alive.

Hell yes it's more than a pointless gimmick. Blind special rule specifically states that it has no effect on models with no initiative value, therefore doesn't work on tanks. With Stronghold Assault expansion coming, Warlord traits involving buildings are going to become much more useful. With close range bolter drill, this turns the army into a close quaters monster, a bit like the opposite of the tau who want to stay away from the enemy this one wants to get within a inch range to make the most of twinlinked bolters.

But that means you always moving forward to get into this golden butter zone, additionally your enemy will be in a perfect place to charge you if you try to shoot his melee troops, on the other hand overwatch fire could be brutal as twinlinking will let the 20 or so dice a ten man tact squad can throw down be devastating and could easily stop a charge dead as you pick off three or maybe five models off and that could be enough.

It might be best to ignore heavy weapons in tactical squads since you'll be moving most turns, on the other hand a twinlinked heavy bolter, even snap fire, could make it's price back.

Think Aspect Eldar and keep your tactical focused on destroying infantry and use your extra Centurions to deal with armor and even terminators will fall under enough bolter fire. With this supplement the Iron Hands chapter master went from ded killy an' ded 'ard to even more killy and even 'arder. Not exactly fluffy, buuuut, since you've got all those tech marines, all of which have bolster defenses, you could stick a bunch of scouts in the bolstered cover.

A bit more fluffy, Raptor as allies would go nicely for your Sons of Medusa. Other than that, you can stick techmarines in squads as special weapon toting seargents or you can have them take along servitors for repair work or to carry plasma cannons. Take along some Inquisitorial allies, and use the arcoglagellants as failed aspirants. If you feel bad, simply kit bash the bikers to be extremely augmented marines; use Terminators, add tech marine crap and done.

Their speed, again their legs can move faster, or they have wheels for legs. Jink saves; because their sensors detect incoming fire, and they dodge out of the way.

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Perhaps a silly tactic, but it may work. Take one Master of the Forge and give him a combi-weapon. Take three Techmarines and give them combi-weapons. Now add four tactic squads with only five members, a plasma gun and another combi-weapon.

Join each techmarine to each squad and deploy them in Pods with Deathwind Launchers. Fill the list with Ironclad Dreadnoughts in Pods.

Take a captain and a squad on bikes for a fast scoring unit. Why haven't you taken it yet? Seriously, you get 3 Elites Choices Read: 3 units of Inquisitorial Henchmen and each of them can take a transport like a Rhino, or a in a Valkyrie and a tarpit or two of Acolytes, while still having a full Guard artillery battery and doing some screening with large blocks of bolter brothers; or a four lascannon Devastator squad buffed by a psyker Inquisitor while Space Wolves take care of the melee combat.

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If there's something your current army is lacking, the Inquisition has something that can compensate for it. Hell yeah to an army that can really use some for only two termies more than two Leman Russ Tanks. Thanks to their Str.

D CC arm, they can reliably deal with with most monstrous creatures with ease, barring Skarbrand and maybe a Wraithknight.

6th ed 40k pdf to excel

Meet D-Weapon. If you fight a Riptide heavy list, these might become your best friend you still cannot catch the fuckers. Bitch please, you have a 12 movement and a 2D6 charge. The Riptide has a 6 move and a 2D6 jump, and limited space to escape with given how they'll be hiding at the back like sissies. Plus, they're shit at killing the Knight.

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While this is technically a Codex in its own right, its relatively sparse crunch and dubious feasibility for use as a Primary Detachment make it a supplement for all respects and purposes.

Like the Inquisition codex, the LotD can be taken as an additional detachment separate from the Allied detachment with the following Allies chart:.

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You only have one unit, but you can bring up to 4 of them and they're scoring units if taken as the Primary Detachment. Enjoy your heavy weapons spam. Once you've got a start on your army, the most important thing to do is play the game. A lot. Learn what you like. Build your army around that. As Charles Darwin didn't actually say: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.

6th ed 40k pdf to excel

It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. The logic is that you need a hard counter to whatever pops up in this edition. Missile Devastators made mincemeat of vehicles last edition like it was going out of fashion. Most people don't even take vehicles anymore. Another thing of note is that your chapter is not long just a color scheme, you should build your army to be suit their chapter tactics, ie Raven Guard assault marines, white scars bikes ect.

Doing so is equal to doing the enemy's work.

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He cannot hurt thou until he hast dismounted thou power armored asses from thy rhinos, and all thy most fearsome weapons are usable from thy blessed rhino hatch of potent power and might. Thou shalt respect the enemy as thou respect thy own forces, for arrogance leads to thine own downfall, and the perfunctory loss of massive chunks of thine army to 'only lasguns,' and 'puny long-ranged meltaguns,' or 'that immobilized chaos dread in the corner. For whilst a solitary squad of thine most esteemed sternguard will fall versus a score of chaos marines, 3 squads shall not.

Warhammer 40,000/6th Edition Tactics/Space Marines

If thine foe is strong up close, thou shall prevent him from getting there. If he is slow and plentiful, thou wilst thin his ranks with potshots, whilst biding thine time to lay into him with tankshock, sacred heavy flamer, and assaults on thine terms. If he is powerful at range, you will drive towards him most fearlessly, making careful use of terrain, smoke launchers, the superior armor value of thine vigilant and invincible predators, and bunkering up where his guns are the thinnest.

If his numbers be but few yet strong in spirit and body, thou shalt focus fire on one unit at a time, until it is no more.

6th ed 40k pdf to excel

If the enemy is fast, thou shall present him with a wall of rhinos shielding thy sacred space marine infantry, and careful placement and redeployment to make his valiant efforts for victory futile. If thou art facing thine British Firing Line, pummel them with devastators and then assault them in many different places.

Thine foe's supporting fire shalt make an arse out of you if thou don't. If faced with a charge from a score of ork boyz, thou shalt famously unload thy blessed boltpistols and holy promethium from thine flamers into their ranks, and thereafter take the charge most gloriously and defyingly, denying them the initiative, all charging bonuses, and catching the enemy commander unprepared, for yours is the gear, the profile, and the abilities to turn certain death into certain victory for the glory of the Emperor.

Thou wilt use the pieces of the board for all they're worth, and attacking the flanks of any entrenched, isolated firebase with no doubt or hesitation in mind, for it takes a lot of autocannons to guarantee the kill of even a single rhino, and thou wilt field at least 4 at all times.