2000 Zrx 1100 Owners Manual

2000 zrx 1100 owners manual

Anyone need a page or pages form the manual let me know and I'll email them to you. Unless RHM comes up with a better solution I take it this is for evaluation purposes :D: Nope, a genuine offer made in a moment of quiet reflection following four cans of stella. Hello, I'm looking for the manual in english. Can you send it to my email: giedrius.

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Hi all, a new guy here. My bike came without the owners manual.

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Can anyone help with this?. I have not figured out the 3 positions of the fuel selector. Whts the deal with the PRI position? On - full tank of petrol Res - Reserve, so you can use the 'reserve' on the tank, to get you to the next petrol station.

2000 zrx 1100 owners manual

Pri - Prime gravity fed. If you want to take the tank off, have the tap in either ON or RES and it wont leak fuel as these two tap positions work by vacuum feed from the carbs probably should post an introduction in the 'Can I post on this board' section, as 'manners maketh the man' so to speak!

2000 zrx 1100 owners manual

It's a vacuum operated tap, fuel only flows in the on or res position if the engine is running. In the prime position fuel will flow all the time.

2000 zrx 1100 owners manual

Edit: must type faster :. Hi and welcome After some more posting I belive you may find it in Pit Stop ;. Should have read this post a few years back when it was originally posted, wouldn't have parked mine with the fuel in the "pri" position Is that normal?

Don't suppose any one out there has the ZRX maunal on pdf and could send me a copy? I need to work out why i have so much oil coming from the cam cover into my air box and how to fix it neighours beginning to complain about the nasty blue smoke coming from the garage!!

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Cheers Grum Except as its his first post, and may i say such a warm welcoming one it is too ; , he won't have access to Pitstop.

Did you not get the irony? Ah ha. I guess i'll just hang around the bar for a while then until i have said hello to enough folks.

If these leak oil will go down the Kleen air holes into the exhaust ports causing the smoke. Unless you've looked in the airbox and found oil, in which case it usually bad news as your crank cases are being pressurized and you would need to do a compression test to check this.

2000 zrx 1100 owners manual

Post up an intro in "Can I post on the Board" and that'll get you started nicely Grum. Hi there!

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Does anybody have the ZZR workshop manual?? Or do you know were can I get it?

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I saw an e-bay offer , not bad price but I was wondering if any of you have already this info Just a bit o patience. Instead of popping in and getting what you want and then saying :bye: Relax:cool:. Instead of popping in and getting what you want and then saying :bye: Relax:cool: Well said that man If you could send me the manual that would be great. I am a newbie, but have owned my bike for 2 years. Last time I had it in the shop, gave them the shop manual with it, but they didn't return it.

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2000 zrx 1100 owners manual

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2000 zrx 1100 owners manual

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2000 Kawasaki ZRX1100 — Owner's Manual

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