1994 Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon Owners Manual

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Volvo 850 Owners Manual

Sardar Motors Incorporated -. Check Availability. On of nicestest cars I have owned. See all 11 photos. Your Choice Autos Waukegan -. Your Choice Autos Waukegan Review.

Volvo 850 Service and Repair Manuals

Trustworthy dealership. I really like working with the staff of Your Choice Autos. I have purchased several cars from this dealer. Like anything take your time and go through the vehicle and make sure it is what you are looking to purchase.

Used Volvo 850 for Sale in Denver, CO

I have never had any issues with any of the cars that I purchased from Your Choice Autos. Very good car. I purchased this car new while stationed in Europe in , an Turbo sedan. Later, my wife was in an accident when she was clipped by a drunk driver, car was repaired. Best car I've ever owned, although it has had a few problems. A transmission sensor went bad when my wife spun the wheels trying to get unstuck from a snow drift.

We didn't have winter tires at the time. Had to replace alternator in , when it went it took the battery and some of the dash LEDs approx , miles? Odometer quit working in at about , miles Rear knock sensor went bad, resulting in constant check engine light. Minor oil leak around the turbo. I hit a deer in , which technically totaled the car. But I kept driving it anyway, and kind of let it go. Due to the odometer, I don't know my exact mileage, but I think it's around , Unfortunately, I tested the airbags in Nov by sliding off a gravel road, head-on into a utility pole.

They worked, and I walked away with some seat belt bruises and minor abrasions. RIP, 19 years with one car is a pretty good run, yes? I have now replaced it with a '97 wagon. I only hope it is as good! See all 22 photos. I got a great deal on a used Pontiac Sunfire.

I bought a used Pontiac Sunfire two weeks ago from Motorsports. The only issue that was found was a leaky oil seal. One week later, I discovered that my windshield washer fluid dispenser wasn't working due to a huge crack in the reservoir. He said that if I bring him a new water reservoir, then he'll fix it for free. I don't think that the car was sold to me with a broken reservoir I checked it before leaving the lot, and the windshield washer fluid dispenser worked.

After I bought the car, several people snow tire installers, back-up camera installers, Brown's Auto Care - to fix the leaky oil seal messed around near that area, and perhaps it was accidentally cracked.

At any rate, I bought a car in good mechanical condition the important stuff is working perfectly with new tires at Motorsports for a really good price, so I'm happy I discovered that when I had my snow tires installed that my car came with new all-season tires.

Well built automobile. I have had 3 of the model, currently have a base model , which I like the best. If you keep up with proper maintenance especially oil changes will last a long time.

If they are not maintained can be a money pit, so if you see one spend the extra money for a mechanic to check it out. Honda of Salem -. Honda of Salem Review.

1994 volvo 850 turbo wagon owners manual

Ask for Miguel Lara. Ask for Miguel Lara, he has to be one of the kindest and friendliest sales persons we have ever run across. We have been shopping for a good quality used Prius and in our search we contacted Honda of Salem. He sent pictures, answered questions, and worked with us to make our experience painless.

We were talking with 3 other dealerships, but Miguel's great personality and willingness to work with us made us drive down to his dealership to purchase. After getting an amazing deal on the car, warranty, and oil changes - Miguel topped it off with just the right set of floor mats inside joke.

Volvo Forums

If you are looking for a car, I would highly recommend giving them a call and asking for Miguel! In addition to the great service from Miguel, we were treated with such kindness and patience from Matt Rader in finance. He went over everything so clearly and patiently - even with jet lag he had a genuine smile and interest in helping us.

He made the closing process simple, easy, and painless. If only every experience in buying something could be like our experience with Miguel and Matt.

Volvo 850 Workshop Manual

We take care of this car with regular maintenance. The car has been a tank but not unusually difficult. We have street parked the car in the California sun and only the hard grey plastic interior parts have started to become brittle and crack.

The engine and transmission have worked without any failure. Most fellow highway drivers are sorta surprised when an can easily pass them. See all 7 photos. Not Priced , mi.

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Volkswagen of Salem -. Volkswagen of Salem Review.

1994 Volvo 850 I

Volkswagen of Salem. Greg Bell asst service mgr bent over backwards working us in on a busy Saturday replacing a headlight so that we could attend a football game that evening.

Built like a truck. Excellent driving automobile, these cars where built to last, keep up with oil changes and maintenance it will last forever, they do not rust. See all 3 photos. Burien Chevrolet -. Burien Chevrolet Review.

1995 Volvo 850

Repair Review. Burien Chevrolet was very helpful. My engine problem was diagnosed and fixed. I am very satisfied. I feel in love with this car. I wasn't too impressed with this car when I bought it 16 years ago to replace a Nissan maxima. BUT, it really grew on me over time and I really hated to give it up.

1994 Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon

I racked up , on one engineer and another , on a used one I bought with 93, It was comfort and fast on the highway. The mileage was decent.

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It bounced back from a hit. I had to let it go because of mounting repairs that are normal when the Odometer is reading , I wanted to get a S70 but give up on that after my husband bought me a Volvo. It had 82, miles on it, so we shall see.

My mechanic claims he put , miles on one. I hope to equal that. Heyward Allen Motor Company -.

Heyward Allen Motor Company Review. They did a good job. I am pleased with Dealership.