1990 Gmc Sierra 3500 Manual

1990 gmc sierra 3500 manual

GM, Ford, and Dodge are closely matched in powertrain, body style, trim, and payload choices. Therefore, many buying decisions boil down to personal preference. Before deciding, be sure to try all three. Models without flared rear fenders were called Wideside, models with flared rear fenders Sportside.

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The short-bed had a Long-bed trucks rode a Extended-cab models had a The 6-passenger extended-cab only had two full-width bench seats. A folding bench was available in other extended-cabs. Others got a 3-place bench seat or two buckets. Base engine was a 4. Options included 5. All models had antilock rear brakes, and either manual shift or an automatic transmission. Base engine in most models was a 4. Three gasoline engines were available: 5.

The 7.

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Also available: a 6. The 4.

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By , twin 6. The normally aspirated diesel disappeared, but the turbodiesel remained available. A 5-speed manual gearbox was standard on most models, though earlier examples might have a 4-speed. A 4-speed automatic transmission was optional. Insta-Trac part-time 4WD had automatic-locking hubs and shift-on-the-fly capability.

The 5. All V8s guzzle; expect under 15 mpg in urban driving.

1990 gmc sierra 3500 manual

Ride quality suffers when the cargo box is empty, and is less pleasing in models with higher payload ratings. Sadly, unladen stopping distance from 60 mph averaged over feet. And, despite standard antilock braking, rear-wheel lockup was difficult to avoid. Forward visibility is good from a wide, spacious-feeling cab with ample room for even the largest occupants.

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The glovebox is tiny, but optional bucket seats came with a console that included a storage bin. The rear seat in extended-cab models is wide, but the seatback is uncomfortably vertical, and knee room is tight.

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Ratings values are on a scale, with 10 being the best. With the exception of Value, these numbers reflect how the vehicle compares against the universe of vehicles, not just against rivals in its class.

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Trouble Spots Automatic transmission Description: Transmission binds in reverse, upshifts harshly, fails to upshift when hot, or sticks in first gear. The problem is a stuck throttle valve inside the transmission. Dealer will inspect and replace affected parts.

1990 gmc sierra 3500 manual

Equipment Lists Click on year to see equipment lists for all models offered for that model year. Used-car pricing varies widely depending on local market conditions. Therefore, we recommend visiting websites that list used cars for sale to get a better idea of what a specific model is selling for in your area.

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Jump to Yearly Updates Sierra Pickup A substantially revised 7. Front bucket seats and a new gauge cluster while a tachometer joined the option list. No more 4-speed manual gearboxes were installed. All windows now had tinted glass. Two 6. The new dashboard featured cupholders and rotary climate controls.

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The new 4. The heavy-duty 5.

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It cannot be used unless the front door has been opened. A dashboard switch could shut off the airbag if a rear-facing infant seat was installed. Road Test. Performance Acceleration - 4.


Fuel Economy - 2. Ride Quality - 3. Quietness - 3. Cargo Room - 2. Other Value - 5. Total: Length in.

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Width in. Height in.

1990 gmc sierra 3500 manual

Weight lbs Seating Capacity — Safety Ratings Model Tested: Sierra reg. Front Passenger Injury - 4. HLDI A score of is average. Lower is better. Recall History diesel Description: Fuel lines can contact automatic-transmission linkage shaft or propshaft. Equipment Lists. Click on year to see equipment lists for all models offered for that model year. Equipment list not available for Equipment Lists Equipment lists are only viewable on larger screen sizes.

Pricing Used-car pricing varies widely depending on local market conditions. For nearly 50 years, car shoppers have been relying on Consumer Guide Automotive. Our editors test drive and thoroughly evaluate virtually every new car, truck, minivan, and SUV sold in America. Acceleration V8 Antilock brakes later models Passenger and cargo room Trailer-towing capability Visibility. Climate controls early Fuel economy Noise Ride. Automatic transmission Description: Transmission binds in reverse, upshifts harshly, fails to upshift when hot, or sticks in first gear.

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Automatic transmission Description: R4 automatic transmissions may shift late or not upshift at all. Climate control Description: The temperature control lever may slide from hot to cold, usually when the blower is on high speed. Dashboard lights Description: The oil pressure gauge may read high, move erratically, or not work because the oil pressure sensor is defective. Engine knock Description: Continued engine knock on 4.

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Engine noise Description: Engine knock in gasoline engines is usually eliminated by using an oil filter with a check valve, but if this does not fix it, GM has revised PROMs for the computers and will even replace the main bearings.

Engine noise Description: The exhaust valves on 4.

1990 gmc sierra 3500 manual

Transmission leak Description: Fluid may leak from the pump body on 4LE transmissions due to the pump bushing walking out of the valve body.