1988 Gsxr 1100 Manual High School

1988 gsxr 1100 manual high school

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It needed no army of trained technicians to make it run, or a crew to push start it like the Supermono did, or pro-level riding skill to appreciate, or a degree in engineering to understand. It just flat worked, everywhere, all the time. As always seems to be the case, the newer bike made more power, but was slightly heavier.

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So why would you want one of these middle-child bikes? Well the style, first of all. Maybe I imprinted early and was inspired by the blue and white Gixxer I saw in high school, with one headlight sporting a bright yellow headlamp and one clear for a heterochromic, endurance-racing style. Or maybe the owner was just French….

Skin and Language

Or maybe you plan to tear up the back roads on your classic Japanese sportbike and want to fit the latest, stickiest rubber. This bike is a truly unique example of a late model GSX-R in exceptional shape. Completely restored with rebuilt motor and painted only a few thousand miles ago, the chassis has 20K on it. Tons of extras, tuned, titled, registered, and ready to ride.

1988 gsxr 1100 manual high school

The transmission had the gears under-cut and shimmed shifts like butter. Also, I had a set of custom Velocity stacks made with screens and set of RamAir filters to slip over for riding on the street.

1988 gsxr 1100 manual high school

It has a ceramic coated exhaust Xtreme Coating full system from Yoshimura with a polished aluminum canister, less than miles on it. Suspension has been completely over hauled. The rear is off a 92 as well but has very trick and ultra-rare Metmachex swing arm imported from across the pond with eccentric adjusters, recently had polished less than miles.

Restored Slingshot: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for Sale

New Super Sprocket and X-Ring chain, had to go down a tooth on the counter sprocket due to too much torque off the line. Both wheels have new bearings have been powder coated, the rear has the lip polished and cleared. Battery is new- Yusa sealed. SS braid brake lines.

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Paint has been repainted to the factory colors. Seat reupholstered to factory spec vinyl. Tank has a rebuilt petcock and the inside is uber clean. LED turn signals instead of those droopy rabbit ears. Comes with a factory service manual, rear seat and tank bra.

1987 GSXR 1100 Nice Start Up

Complete serviced done miles ago, new oil, plugs, carbs and valves serviced, all maintenance done by local Suzuki mechanic for over 20yrs. Other than that, this bike looks absolutely perfect, except for the missing fairing lower that looks to have been removed for the video, to show the bike starting from cold.

A Pampered Old School Gixxer: 1987 GSX-R1100

And the turn signals are better than the stockers, but maybe something a bit less conspicuous would have been even nicer? Oh well….. No effing way. But 10k for this is insane.

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The guy even says its just a feeler. I guess its whatever the time period was that we jumped in Tad. These are available in Australia from dealers for 4. Of course, whether or not this is a good aesthetic choice is still open to debate….

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Many of the bikes I see that are in otherwise decent condition have way too many polished parts. Get all our new posts delivered to your email automatically. Spam free! Enter your email address:.

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1988 gsxr 1100 manual high school

Or maybe the owner was just French… Or maybe you plan to tear up the back roads on your classic Japanese sportbike and want to fit the latest, stickiest rubber. Road Rash. Tad Diemer.