Captain Planet 5 Rings Book

Captain planet 5 rings book

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The Earth Ring is one of 5 magic rings created by Gaia to help defend the planet. It debuted in the series pilot , seen with the other 4 rings being sent to 5 corners of the globe by Gaia.

Captain planet 5 rings book

The Earth Ring was sent to Africa where Kwame discovers it while planting a plant. The Earth Ring has a green stone and a green globe emblem inside it. It is activated when the holder says "Earth" while clenching their fist. When activated, it emits green energy in the form of radiating circles.

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Starting in Season 4, the Earth Ring loses its unique sound effect and no longer produces its trademark radiating circles. It can be used to manipulate the ground creating earthquakes of varying magnitude, degrade or erode soil Kwame usually does this to save people, animals and even himself from hole traps by creating ramps , create earth pillars, plant trees and plants, and even create small islands from the ocean.

Captain planet 5 rings book

Along with degrading or eroding the soil, it can just as easily reverse soil degradation and erosion respectively. The same is true of repairing holes and fissures created from earthquakes it may have created.

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The Earth Ring is most probably the one to give Captain Planet his crystalline body, iron defense, and the ability to transform into branches and vines.

It is always the first ring used in the process of summoning him. Like the other rings, the Earth Ring will not activate if: Captain Planet has been summoned, the ring has come in contact with pollution, pollution level in proximity is high, and if the user's mind is polluted.

Captain planet 5 rings book

If used on polluted soil, it will activate but have no effect. It is ineffective on anything in the air.

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Captain planet 5 rings book

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Captain planet 5 rings book

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All About Captain Planet's Earth Saving Rings!